LTE Beacons not recognized in ios app

I have built an ios app (ios 13.3;Swift 5; XCode 11.3) using zones (3). The app however never recognizes either of my LTE beacons. I used another beacon app as an advertiser, changed the UUID in my ios code and that works correctly changing colors and message based on zone and in the critical zone plays sound as well.

You mentioned changing UUID, so this means you are using Core Location API?
Can you share an microApp code that you use to advertise iBeacon packet on LTE Beacon?

I used the microApp code below that I got from the estimote website:

var packet =;
var advHandle = ble.advertise(packet);
// later, if you want to stop advertising:

That code won’t work with Core Location because it advertises Estimote Location packet. You should use iBeacon packet to make it work.
It won’t also work with Estimote Proximity SDK on iOS because there no trigger packet advertised (

Hi Pober,

Can you direct me to where I will find the iBeacon packet?


General information:
Generating iBeacon packet in microApp:
WebIDE should also show you a list a available methods when you start typing the code:

Thanks very much! I will try this

I have tried the micro app code above and it still is not recognized. Part of the problem (I believe) is that I am not able to get to the detail on the screen to be able to change it to send iBeacon UUID when I follow the directions below on your website:

Every Estimote Beacon ever shipped supports the iBeacon packet. You can check if it’s enabled (and if not, enable it) via the “Estimote” app, available on the App Store. Go to the Configuration section, find your beacon on the radar, wait till the app connects to it, and go to the Broadcasting section.

The app will also allow you to change the UUID, major, and minor broadcast by the beacon, as well as the advertising interval and transmit power with which the iBeacon packet is broadcast.

When I get to the Broadcasting section, it displays"This beacon is only broadcasting connectivity bluetooth packet by default. You can program LTE beacon to broadcast bluetooth packets of your choice via estimote web IDE". There is no opportunity to change anything on that screen including no way to switch to iBeacon,

LTE Beacons are programmable with JavaScript. There are no settings, no enabling/disabling packets. Device is controlled only by microApp.
You already have a code that advertises an Estimote Location packet. All you need to do is to modify it using documentation in the second link, replace generation of Location packet with generation of iBeacon packet.