Proximity SDK - only for Estimote beacons?

Hey! I’m building a mobile app which fires a specific events when user gets in an specific area and I’m currently getting into beacons tech. I’ve built a simple proof of concept Xamarin app and for testing purposes I’m simulating iBeacon by advertising from iOS device. On iPhone while using CoreLocation, simulated beacon is getting found instantly but I’ve issues setting everything up for Estimote Proximity SDK as it uses “Tag” parameter in the “Zone” and my iBeacon is advertising UUID, Major and Minor only.

So my question is: Is Estimote Proximity SDK made only for cooperating with Estimote Beacons or I can somehow use other beacons (such as iOS simulated iBeacon)?

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While our SDK isn’t made to be compatible with third party beacons, you will be able to recognize a virtual beacon simulated on iOS.