iBeacon not detected

I’ve developed an application that using the Estimote iBeacon. Before that, my application will detect the nearby iBeacon with iOS 8.1, but after that, I’ve format my iPad and upgrade to iOS 8.3, my application is not working anymore, it can’t detect any nearby beacon, do you guys know what happen to it? Is it my application problem or the beacon problem?

Can you double check if Bluetooth and Location Services are turned on, and that your app has permission to use Location Services? (you can do that in the Settings app)

Does the Estimote app detect your beacon?

Yup, the Estimote app has detected my beacons. Besides that, my location services and bluetooth has turned on for my application, which it could allow my device to detect for the beacons. However, I just wonder after I had turned on all the location and bluetooth, it still cannot detects my nearby beacons.

What do you use to detect the beacons in your app, ranging? Do you use Core Location or our SDK? Do you have a call to the requestWhenInUseAuthorization or requestAlwaysAuthorization before you start scanning for beacons?

I’ve use the Core Location, I didn’t use any Estimote SDK. I’ve call the requestAlwaysAuthorization in the viewDidLoad method. I did all these things, but it still doesn’t work in iOS 8.3.

Weird, I’m not aware of any changes in iOS 8.3 that’d break things. Is the didRange being called with an empty beacons array, or is it not being called at all?

Hi there, I have the same issue.

I’m currently testing my app on 3 devices not using SDK ( iphone 5, iphone 6, iphone 7S).

All iphones have btl + location ON and are running the same version of the App.

On the iphone 6 no problem the iphone 5 only seems to detect the iBeacon the first 3 secondes after enabling bluetooth.

DidRange is called with an empty array.

What could cause this issue?