Lost ownership of a beacon

I was using the Estimate iOS app to modify some properties (UUID/major/minor) of a beacon when I somehow lost ownership of the Beacon. The beacon is running new firmware (A3.2.0). Now, the UUID/major/minor are back to the default values and the iOS app claims I don’t have ownership of the beacon. If I tap the Claim button, I get an error in the iOS app: “Claim failed due to server error. Please try again in a few minutes”

Estimote Cloud thinks I do have ownership of the beacon.

The MAC Address of the beacon is D7:4A:08:A6:E7:C2.

The issue seems to have resolved itself. Sorry about that!

Hey there,

Sorry to hear about the problem and glad to hear it solved itself! We’d llike to investigate what was causing it anyway: can you tell me which iOS version are you using?


Yes, it was an iPhone 6 running iOS 9. Thanks for looking into it.

Incidentally, prior to the “server error” message, I was receiving a different error about a “bluetooth error” that I needed to get close to the beacon and retry. I’m not sure if that helps diagnose the issue or not. I unfortunately didn’t write down the specific error message.

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