Estimote App says Does not belong to Owner but web says beacon belongs to the account

Need some help urgently.

At a client site and trying to deploy beacons. Able to view the beacon details using the same account on the web. When I use the IOS app , the app says the beacon does not belong to the Owner.

Severely constricted to set up the meta data on the beacon.

Any help will be appreciated .

Done a lot of deployments this started happening a few hours back

Working with Proximity beacons

I am using a Iphone 7

Have done the following
rebooted the phone
Reinstalled the app

Another Point
Only happens on Iphone
Andriod is working fine


Sorry about these issues. We fixed it in the new version of the iOS app (2.39.1), could you please update and check if it fixes the problem for you? Let me know, thanks.