Issue with iOS SDK Examples and Virtual Beacon

Hello, last night I installed the iOS beta SDK 2.0 beta. Commit: 8c416f8fcf1b71c93b012a4141b3b722b2b1a7c1 [8c416f8]

Once installed I updated my beacons to Estimote OS 2.0.

Since then I have not been able to connect to the motes with the virtual beacon software (

The beacon's do not show up in the Estimote 2.0 beta example functions. Only under the firmware upgrade where I can see the BLE MAC address.

If I scan with BTLE Explorer I can see the device. I also can see the device with Nordic BLE sniffer through wireshark and through the Android SDK on a Nexus 5.

The following information was extracted from wireshark.
btle.advdata.manufacturerdata = 4c:00:02:15:b9:40:7f:30:f5:f8:46:6e:af:f9:25:55:6b:57:fe:6d:4a:fa:fd:63:bc

Hi Chase,

I can't think of any reason for this. Sometimes CoreLocation freezes on iOS 7.1 so maybe that's why you're not able to see the beacons.

Please restart your device first and if it doesn't help I will try to think about something else.

Hello Ula, it seems the motes are now not responding at all.

Hi Chase,

Did you manage to upgrage the Beacons to OS 2.0 succesfully? If not, please refer to this set of advice from Ola:

If that doesn't help, I'm afraid it might be a battery issue. Drop me a line (wojtek[at]estimote) or check this post on our blog for more details on resolving that: