Is Esimote Indoor Location SDK available on Android?

I saw a post in the community but it was from 2014.

Here is the question: Is it possible to create an Android app that shows indoor map where a client can observe where he is in the building in real time?


Yes it is! We don’t have an Indoor Android SDK, but you can use our regular Android SDK to detect beacons, check their signal strength, and based on that, mark the user’s position on a map.


Getting only the signal strength isn’t enough to figure out the position tho. Does it mean we need to write our own indoor positioning algorithm to get the indoor position?

Hmm, why not? Say, if you deployed beacons throughout the airport, and then in the app you detect a beacon with a certain, high-enough signal strength, you can safely assume that the user is somewhere in the vicinity of that beacon. For example, the security control, certain gate, shopping area, etc.

Please help ask your developers, I was asking for the position coordinates (X, Y) to tell where exactly the user is inside the room.

You can do that with our Indoor SDK, but it’s iOS only at the moment. What do you need the user’s position inside the room for?

Ok looking forward to it on Android. We are starting to develop VR apps that needs the position of the device, nothing in particular at the moment, but more precise the better. After all that’s why we bought the beacons instead of the tags.

I have the same question: The question is simply “If and when will the Indoor Location SDK be available for Android?”.

The ‘regular’ Estimote SDK (iOS + Android) is sufficient for many things, but in this case I want to know if specifically the INDOOR LOCATION SDK will be available for Android and if so, when.


I am also interested in displaying the user coordinates inside the room. Can you please post the code snippet on how to implement it?

Android Indoor SDK is needed. When will it be available?

No estimate date for Android Indoor Location?

This is how you can do indoor positioning with Estimote proximity beacons on Android and iOS with the regular Estimote SDK:

You need to place 3 beacons in the room, and then use a Trilateration Algorithm to calculate the coordinates.



Still no date on Android Indoor Location SDK?

I understand it’s “easier” to make the iOS version of the SDK, however the market share of Android (looking only at Samsung devices) well exceeds all iOS.

Is there a define release date for the Indoor Location SDK for Android?? If not, we may move our 500+ Beacon order to

Hmmm well. So about Estimote Indoor Location Android SDK ? ? ?

Oh good info! Thanks @vcdflow

Still no idea when are you guys launching the Android Location SDK?

I’m still waiting for it :frowning:

Out of curiosity, what apps do you want to build with Indoor Location?

Some examples:

  • Digital Games, using VR + IndoorLocation. I work with digital game development and have long been looking for economically viable solution to develop a game indoors where the player moves freely through the previously scanned environment and transformed into their VR. This would be a quantum leap in the way we play videoGame. This would be a viable solution for any independent or corporate producer.

  • Location indoors as shopping malls and event pavilions, or even in university campus.
    In my University we have been looking for a solution to create a CAMPUS Internal MAP, whereby all new students and veterans can also be located in real time.

  • Control of Crowds applied in the identification of cattle.

Among many others.

There are endless applications that urgently need a solution like the ESTIMOTE are is providing IndorLocation IOS. The problem is that these solutions can not be restricted only to IOS. I’m here from Brazil, and here the IOS public is MINORIA, due to the cost of the devices.

We who are developers have a huge market of possibility for the IndorLocation application, but we need a solution that works for IOS and Android.

I can not present solutions to my Investors, whose visibility and use of the solution will only be seen by a small slice of the global audience that I would have if I was providing the same solution for Android too!
No investor wants to have their products seen by only 20% of an audience that could be 100%. You see ?

I researched a lot about it in the last months.
I understand that the problem in having a solution equal to the IndorLocation of IOS in Android devices is in the quality that the divergent devices using this operating system provides.

When we talk about IOS, the frequency quality of the bluetooth signals are always the same and are best. Their devices do not vary the quality and thus it is possible to estimate the location of the Beacons based on the quality of the frequency. You know that the signal will not have lost of quality out of predicted in its calculations.

But when we are talking about Android. Each handset has a variety of quality, based on many factors, such as competing companies, low cost appliances, among others …

How to predict this in your project?. It really is very complicated!

But this is why there are companies like you (^. ~). Any company who that send a soluction will surely win a huge audience and consequently $$$.

I have many ambitious projects here. I am spying on every company that I know and that make solutions beacons, I am just waiting for that company that will provide this solution. I consider myself a very potent customer for the company that provide this solution.

PS: I have also invested in research to develop my own solution.
I’m getting ready, if no one gets any success with this!

PS2: Soon I bought some Beacons from you, to work on projects.
I had many customs problems here in Brazil to receive the product.
It ended up coming very, very, very expensive to get your Beacons because of these rates. But this is subject to another Topic. (^.~)