Estimote an indoor location

Hi Estimote.

I'm looking for a great solution for building an outdoor and indoor location app. I would like a great SDK / Tools for:
* Create a map (outdoor and indoor)
* Use the GPS outside and ibeacons inside the buildings
* Put ibeacons on the map
* Compute and display the route on the map

Does Estimote provide those functionnality ?


Hi Jean,

You can use our Indoor Location SDK to map interiors. If you add GPS system for outdoors, your idea seems perfectly doable. Grab two packs of beacons and test it - that's the place to start!

Hi again,

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Hi Ula,

I am trying to do interior mapping with android device. Could you please provide some insights on how to approach this?


@KaranKaur, please see this topic for more info about indoor positioning on Android: