Estimote Location SDK for Android

Is there an Estimote Indoor Location SDK for Android?
If not, can anyone recommend me a library or SDK, that contains methods to calculate a position, if you have coordinates and rssi (or approximate distance in meter) of three beacons?

Hi @alexander!

For now, Estimote Indoor Location SDK is only available for iOS. It will come to Android at some point, but I cannot promise an ETA just yet. The algorithms underlying Indoor SDK are heavily based on hardware: antenna orientation, quality, shape, position etc. On iOS we have just a couple of devices to optimize for, while on Android it’s in the hundreds. That’s why on Android it takes much longer to develop a reliable SDK with the precision we’re aiming for.

Meanwhile, you can use beacons and Estimote Android SDK to work on your use case.
Our SDK supports tagging beacons with GPS and is perfectly capable of detecting beacons. You will have to do the heat mapping part and storing the positions of the beacons on your own, though.

You can also implement your idea placing beacons at points of interest and using Monitoring and Ranging to track activity in different areas.

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Hi @arek,

I’m implementing the indoor location using Monitoring.