Knowing the location for android devices

I am building an android app to know the indoor location using estimotes. Since there is no sdk for android for indoor location, I was wondering if some one could please help me understand the way to map an indoor location.

I get the distances and signal strength from the estimotes but how to get an indoor plan from there.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What app are you trying to build, and what would you want to use indoor location for?

Maybe you could still use our “proximity” Android SDK to implement your project. Here’s an app template that allows you to detect when the user has moved from one beacon to another:

If you place your beacons in different places in your room, this should allow you to “hack” together a simple indoor location solution for Android :slight_smile:

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I am basically trying to get location of device. I have 3 estimotes and I am thinking of applying the trilateration method using the RSSI (converting the RSSI into distance and then approximating the location according to the intersection of the three circles(with radius = distance calculated above and center as the estimote beacons)).

Yes, but how do you want to use the location information? (: I assume you don’t just want to build an app that only shows X and Y to the user.

Trilateration with beacons is hard to implement and usually doesn’t yield sensible results. Instead of sinking time into it, I’d recommend the “proximity based” approach instead.

I downloaded the proximity based app from my estimote cloud. Is there a way where I could show the three beacons on the screen and the user relative to that? Just the way when I open my iOS estimote app, I can see the beacons in range (I want to display them rather than the list).

That’d require something like our Indoor Location on iOS—there’s no trivial way to know where the beacon signal is coming from.

Could you please provide me a broader overview of how it is done? I have not been able to understand much from the code.