IOS 8.2 Beacon is NOT discovered in Estimote App


I am trying to get the IOS Estimote App to detect a beacon. The beacon is discovered on a samsung S4 but for an unknown reason the beacon is not discovered on a Iphone 6 with either IOS 8.2 or IOS 8.3. Location services are on and Bluetooth is on.

Am i missing something here?


Have you changed the UUID of the beacon by any chance?

I’m currently working with IOS SDK 8.3 and i have any trouble.

It could be, like piotr say the UUID or maybe you forgot authorization ot to add in .plist
NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription / NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription

I’m experiencing the same problem and I did update the UUID’s on my beacons. Their UUIDs are correct on the cloud list. Weirdly my new nearables DO appear in the estimote app but the cloud can’t retrieve their status.


I had location access turned off on my phone :sweat:

it seems to be working now.