Indoor Measurement Errors

So I am trying to scan and save the location of one part of our office space. The part has 3 walls and one little cabinet where I set up another beacon to “act” as a wall. I am currently using 6 beacons and they have been set up from lasts night. Standing in the center of the room I am able to configure them all even when they are already on the walls. I am just having a problem when scanning the room, I scan every beacon and go back to the one I started with but I get that turkey error each time. So two questions…

Is one night enough for them to be placed to “ping each other out” and should I move them to another, smaller room with exactly 4 walls, with no obstacles in the center?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Selim,
can you sketch how the location looks like and where on the walls beacons are placed?