Indoor Location Calibration Fails


For the past two days, I’ve been trying to use my Estimate beacons for indoor location and failing. When I open the indoor location app to add a new space, it detects my beacons but every single time fails to calibrate them.

I’ve set their transmission power to maximum and update interval to the shortest with all the battery settings and secure UUID turned off. Logged in and out of my Estimate Cloud account several times.

I can get into every single beacon to make settings but calibration keeps failing. Also I was able to add a location once long before.


By calibration, do you mean the step when it’s looking for beacons, or the step when you walk around the room?

Sorry. The step when looking for the bacons. It founds them but then unable to configure them.

More precisely, this.

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Thanks for the screenshot!

Are these beacons on firmware 3.2 by any chance? Due to changes in beacon authorization mechanisms in 3.2, the current version of the Indoor app is unable to configure such beacons—this is fixed in the upcoming version. The temporary workaround is to configure the beacons manually using the main Estimote app:

  • packet type = Estimote Default
  • transmit power = +4 dBm
  • advertising interval = 200 ms
  • basic energy saving mode (in “remaining battery life” section) = off
  • smart energy saving mode = on

… and then you can simply skip the beacon-configuration step by touching the “skip” button in the top-right corner. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you for the information. Much appreciated.

When is the update due? Any estimations at least.

Also, just a friendly reminder, could you please document this to somewhere to your site. I’ve lost really valuable time because of this. I really wouldn’t like someone else to suffer.


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Hi, I get a similar error at the calibration step and doesn’t seem like I can skip this step.

Please see my post here, explains this message:

If you have any follow-up questions, let’s continue the conversation in that other thread, to keep it in one place.