Indoor Location - setting up a room


I've been having a lot of trouble setting up a room for indoor location. The app always tells me the room measurements are not accurate even if they're close to the real ones and look almost like a perfect square. I'm sure I follow the directions correctly like turning the phone before walking and keeping it at chest level. If I use a configuration disregarding the warning, the location won't be accurate and the little guy in the app will start moving in wrong directions.

Is there a limit in how small can the room for indoor location be?
I'm trying with a 5m x 5m room and a 20m x 10m room. Both without any luck to get an accepted room config. Is there a range of error for the room measures? Or is there something else I'm missing to make this work for me?

Thanks! :)

I haven't had much luck either

I tried to configure a room multiple times and kept getting "We are sorry! Something went wrong while measuring your location. Try to follow exact instructions"

I had someone else use the same phone and then it worked!

We tried a small room and a larger space. The majority of the time the displayed location was next to a beacon even when we were in the middle of the room

Are there room sizes and shapes that work best to demo the capability?

Was this exercise of indoor positioning done with latest Hardware from Estimote or was it done using iBeacon bought few months back using the latest positioning SDK ?

is there a dependency on SDK with respect to the hardware version to have this work properly ?

Let me know your thoughts.

It was with the latest hardware, 6 new beacons. Since then, there hasn't been any updates.

Hi Adriana,

To answer your question - there is no limit of the size of the room, so no worries about that. Please try again to setup the room following this instruction: and let me know if it helps!


There are no limitations of the shape of the room but we advice to start with rectangular or L-shape to learn the process.

Will the indoor sdk work in a setting of multiple rooms?
e.g to localize within 2 rooms (consider 2 adjacent rectangular rooms)
Is it possible to consider it as one big area (one map) and thus locate position within these two rooms?

You should be able to scale and cover a larger venu as well - you just need to put more beacons. The best way is to experiment. You can start with 4 beacons in one room - one beacon per wall.

Please keep it mind this is the very first version of our Indoor Location SDK
and we are still working on accuracy and stability. We will have more to show before end of the year!

With the update for iOS 8 it works much better now :)

Adriana, great to hear that! Thanks for letting us know :)

I had some time and tried another small room

It took me three tries, not sure what I differently on the third attempt, but, it worked (sort of). It would be killer if we had a way in the app to straighten the walls (make them perpendicular)

I also noticed that the configuration step sets the beacons to +4 dBm and 200 ms advertising interval. In my own tests I found that having a longer advertising interval would give more accurate distance estimates

Can you provide any rules of thumb on setting power and advertising interval?