Indoor location accuracy problem

We have setup a location with 4 beacons and we are getting the ‘current location’ correctly only when we are near to the beacon, rest of the time even though we move around in the same location, ‘current location’ that is shown is inaccurate. please direct us on this with some sample code if any. Thank you in advance.

Hi @jofinGeorge,
thanks for your feedback. Could you please provide some more information, so we can investigate the problem:

  • what is the approximate size/dimensions of the location?,
  • where did you place the beacons on walls?,
  • are you using SDK or out indoor app?,
  • how far off is the position (1m or 5m)?

As soon as I get this info, I’ll do my best to help :slight_smile:


Thanks Marek,
Please find the following details

  • Location size is around 100 m2
  • I placed beacons in the centre of each wall.
  • Using indoor SDK.
  • Each beacon is 1 - 2 m distance from the each other

Can you also tell me ideal distance between each beacon, if it is a big premise.

Jofin george

Hi @jofinGeorge,
thanks for the information, one more question - what do you mean that each beacon is 1-2m distance from each other? You mentioned they are at center of each wall. Could you maybe send a sketch of location.

When it comes to achievable accuracy, in small locations (eg. 20 sq.m.) with 4 beacons the accuracy of 1m is achievable, On the other hands, for locations like our office, with 350 sq.m. with 16 beacons, an average accuracy is 3-4 m. So for your location it should be possible to achieve 2-3 meters of accuracy.

Please also remember to configure correctly beacons as described here:


Hi @marek_syldatk,
Beacons are at the centre of each wall which is not displayed in the image. by 1-2m distance I mean, test area is small and so beacons which are placed at the centre is around that much distance.

My test area is 80 sq.m wide and while walking from one point to another user location plotting is not stable. to be clear the user movement is fluctuating from the path as we walk. I have configured it correctly as in link, still the movement is not smooth. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @jofinGeorge,
Okay, so since your area is approx. 80 square meters, I temporally assume it’s 9 x 9 meters. If you have four beacons, the accuracy you can achieve can be approx. 2-3 meters. That means that the accuracy can be represented as a circle of given radius within which the real position is expected to be. So for example, accuracy of 2m for position (x,y) = (1,1), means, that the “true position” of person is expected to be inside of circle with centre in (1,1) and radius of 2.

It means that, unfortunately, the position indicated by app can oscillate to some extent around real position. Increasing number of beacons (e.g. to 2/3 for each wall) should help, but there will always be some uncertainty.

Hope that helps.