Indoor Location Beacon Calibration Setup

We just trying to achieve the beacon accuracy to find the beacon to be stable in specific location. For that we increase the number of beacon to achieve the accuracy for the same. But in our testing we found that the beacon is scattering a lot for the four beacon placed at the wall (not that much stable).

Initially we configured the 6 beacon with 200ms adverting interval and +4 dbm broadcasting power. Then set each beacon in the centre of the wall (i.e.) four side. In addition to that we placed two beacon in centre of the room, then I started calibrating each and every beacon except the two beacon placed at the centre. After calibration the four beacon I am getting a floor plan. Now Can anyone suggest me while travelling through the path, the tracker is purely depends on the calibrated beacon placed at the 4 side of the wall or it also consider the 2 beacons placed at the centre of the room ?

Thanks in advance -

Hi Nwin!

As of now we don’t support beacons placed centrally, but it is on our roadmap :sun_with_face:

  1. How large is your room?
  2. Is it squarish or more rectangularish in shape?

If it is rectangular placing two beacons along the longer walls should help accuracy. Auto-mapping wizard can map rooms with multiple beacons on one wall, but is a bit more prone to failure then. If you encounter such troubles remember you can always build your location from code with ESTLocationBuilder

Thanks for your reply Marcin. No, Its rectangle only. My Room size is 6m x 4m. We just wanted to know, whether the beacon placed in the centre will improve the accuracy ?

At this time, the beacons in the center won’t help the accuracy.

What kind of inaccuracy are you observing? 6m x 4m seems rather smallish, and should give good results.

Alternatively, you can always try adding one more beacon to each of the 6m walls, per Marcin’s suggestion.

Can anyone suggest me what is the maximum room size that supports for 4 beacons ? (Consider each beacon on four side of the wall)

Can you suggest me what is the maximum room size that supports for 4 beacons ? (Consider each beacon on four side of the wall)

It’s ~ 8 x 8 m for best accuracy, and max ~ 12 x 12 m before the accuracy starts degrading quickly.

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