Indoor Location SDK not providing updated location params

Hi Guys,
I am trying to create app for user tracking with estimote location beacons.
Till Now I have done following steps : -

  1. Added Indoor SDK
  2. Created location with the help of iOS app.
  3. Have fetched location from my cloud account.
  4. Able to see user icon with IndoorLocationView.

Problem facing : -
As soon as I am moving in the range of created position, my user icon is not updating its location.
I tried to log the LocationPosition x and y parameter unfortunately those are same.

Can you please guide me how to show runtime location updates with indoor sdk.

Hey @ShivNandan

It’s difficult to say what the problem is without all the necessary data. Please provide us with:

  1. Indoor SDK version you are using
  2. Android phone model
  3. Android OS version
  4. How many beacons do you have?
  5. What is the firmware version of your beacons (you can check that in cloud)


Hey Pawel,
Thanks for quick response. Please find the details below : -

  1. Indoor SDK version 2.0.0
  2. Android Phone Model samsung s8
  3. Android OS 7.0
  4. We purchased 6 location beacons for the time being but we need to deploy employee tracking so might be go around 15-20. I have created location using 4 beacons.
  5. Beacon firmware version 4.13.2

My ultimate goal is to track each employee in office premise.

Hey @ShivNandan

There is already an issue post on our github page. Could you please verify that this is the similar case - if so, then please track the topic there. If not, then please check if version 2.0.1 fixes the problem :slight_smile:


Hi Pawel,
I tried 2.0.1 version but it doesn’t work as expected. I will track ticket mentioned by you. If you found any workaround please mention here.