Indoor Location does not work

I’am developing an app that determines the position of a user in a indoor Location and trigger certain actions when user is in a specific position, but onPosistionUpdate returns the same values every time. My app runs on Samsung S7, Android 7.0, and i’m using the estimate indoor sdk 2.1.0.
Any solution?
Thanks :slight_smile:

It almost sounds like the Indoor SDK stops getting any new Bluetooth data. Does this happen immediately after you start indoor positioning? After some time? Do you happen to have some other Android device (or maybe even an iOS one) to try and narrow down whether this is some problem with how your location is set up, or just this particular device?

In this day i tried app also with Huawei p8 Lite 2017 but the behavior does not change. When app starts the position is updated two times and then stop, but if i open Estimote app and i click on “configuration” to search nearby Beacons the app return to work correctly.

Interesting. As if the Bluetooth radio goes to sleep or something, but firing up the Estimote app wakes it up. Could you file an issue with all these findings on:

Thanks a ton!

The routine depends on signal strength to determine position. There is a lag between when you get to a certain position and when the position gets updated. Ideally, you may want to depend on the region from beacon (immediate/near/far) to carry out your actions.
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