Indoor Location SDK - Help getting started

Hi there!

For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to build my own Indoor Location app for Android. Now I’m using the Indoor Location SDK (And the example from the github repo) for Android but it seems like there might be something wrong. I’ve added a location to my beacons, I created an app in the cloud and added the ID and Token to the app. But when the app is launched it say’s that I need to add locations to my beacons. Can someone help me to get started?

Also the documentation about the Indoor Location SDK for Android seems incomplete and sketchy. Sometime when you click through the documentation you get redirected to IOS or the IOS repo.

Maybe somebody has a better explanation or documentation about the Indoor Location Android SDK?

  • How did you create and or add location?
  • Did you complete this using their iOS app first to map out the location?
  • Were you able to confirm on the web portal that your location was indeed created and you could see your an avatar when you are using the indoor app on iOS? - since they currently don’t have one on Android

I also agree that the Android Indoor guidelines are a bit all over the place.