Indoor location not updating on Estimote Cloud

I have an issue with regard to viewing the beacons’ indoor locations. I already created an indoor map with the beacons and I can view the beacons on the maps on both iOS and Android indoor location app. However, the indoor locations are not updated on the Estimote cloud; they are set to unknown. Even when I use the command in the API documentation, I do not receive the indoor location at all. How can I solve this issue?

I don’t think I understand, do you mean this field?


Are you sure you uploaded the map to Estimote Cloud? Does it show up at or How did you create the map?

I am referring to the indoor location as shown in the picture you attached. I am sure that the map is uploaded to estimote cloud as I can view the map on the estimote indoor app on iOS as well as on the link The map was built using locationBuilder on an iOS application.

Thanks, so maybe just a bug or some caching issue in Estimote Cloud. We’ll check that.