Indoor location app won't find locations

I purchased an ipad to test this with, I have created locations in my estimote cloud, logged in with the same email to the indoor app and I constantly get "THERE ARE NO OTHER LOCATIONS OWNED BY "
So far everything with Estimote has been a huge hassle, lack of Android support for this is a poor start and your iOS stuff doesn’t even seem to work.

How can I get these locations showing on the app.l so I can start testing this?

There is no “Add new location” button.

I am on an iPad mini 2 with iOS 11.1, can you please let me know how to solve this?

I have created locations in my estimote cloud

Mhmm, that’s actually not possible :see_no_evil:

At this time, you can create indoor location maps/floor plans with

  • the Estimote Indoor Location app for iOS
    • Location Beacons without UWB: iPhones only
    • Location Beacons with UWB and Automapping: both iPhones and iPads should work
  • the Location Builder API from the Indoor iOS SDK

Yes, lack of Android support is a bummer :cry:, and something we hope to address … but in the spirit of transparency, that won’t happen sooner than early next year.

Ok well the locations tab in estimote cloud shows 2 addresses that beacons are attached to, these don’t show in the app, semantics!
Support said the app isn’t supported on ipad mini 2, why not? It has the same capabilities as supported iPhones.

These beacons were purchased 2 weeks ago, they make no mention of UWB, we bought 6 estimote location beacons.

Can you provide more information?