Failed to find beacons at Estimote Indoor Location App

I try to use Estimote Indoor Location App (iOS ver.), however I failed to find any beacons, and the app showed message “We haven’t detected any beacons nearby”, although beacons could be found at Estimote app.
Environment is as fellow.

Smart Phone
iPhone 5s, 7 10.3.3

Estimote App ver. 2.30.5
estimote Indoor Location App ver. 2.3.5

esitmote location beacons Development Kit
hardware ver. F3.3
software ver. Estimote OS 4.11.0

Can anyone help on this?


Could you let us know your Estimote Cloud account, just drop the email to
In the meantime, double-check if you beacons have Location Packet enabled. Turn it on if not, and give it another go.


I have the exact same situation, whatever I try, the App wont find my beacons.
And I mailed Estimote about it two days ago and I got no response. After waiting 4 months on delivery (what was said to 2-3 weeks) this is extremly disappointing!