Impossible to create indoor location from Indoor app

I have a few Indoor Beacons and they are available in my Estimote Cloud portal.
I would like to use them for indoor location but I’m unable to setup a location.
I’m using the app to create an indoor location, but I encountered a message dialog when I click on the “Continue” button in the creation process. The message says “Something went wrong. Estimote Cloud failed to handle the request”

Can you please help me troubleshooting the problem? Thanks

Thanks for reporting this! We’ve seen this earlier today on Twitter (, it seems to be a bug in Estimote Cloud => we’re already looking into it. In the meantime, a tried-and-true workaround is to create a new Estimote Account, transfer your beacons in there, and use that new account in the Indoor app.

I have the same issue!! How can I solve it?