Uploading location to Estimote Cloud

Hi there. I am making a library navigation app with Estimote Beacons on an Android. But before I can continue, I have to upload the beacons’ location in Estimote Cloud. I understand that the Indoor Location function in the app is no longer available. So I am doing it manually following the guides given (Add Indoor Location to an iOS app - Estimote Developer and GitHub - Estimote/iOS-Indoor-SDK: Estimote Indoor SDK for iOS). I have never used XCode before and not familiar with it at all. I am currently stuck on setting up a location using EILLocationBuilder. The exact instruction is " You have the option to create an EILLocation manually. For that use the [EILLocationBuilder] class." My question is where exactly is the EILLocationBuilder class? I do not know where to click or where to write the code given. The code given are as below.

EILLocationBuilder *locationBuilder = [EILLocationBuilder new];
[locationBuilder setLocationBoundaryPoints:@[
[EILPoint pointWithX:0 y:0],
[EILPoint pointWithX:0 y:5],
[EILPoint pointWithX:5 y:5],
[EILPoint pointWithX:5 y:0]]];
[locationBuilder setLocationOrientation:0];