Indoor Location App "You are not in this location"


I’m having this problem with Indoor Location, I’ve followed the guide ( The Advanced Way to create my room, I’ve created the room and the size/beacons are correct, although there’s a few problems I’m having

When I enter the Indoor Location App and click on the new room I built, It’ll refuse to find my location, when I click on any of the beacons inside the room it claims that I don’t own the beacons so it will not allow me to connect to the beacons.
While at the same time if I go to and change the settings on the beacons that way, I have full control of the beacons as I have claimed them.
I can also use the Estimote app itself to change the settings of the beacons, but if I use the Indoor Location App (Or create my own app) it refuses to tell me my location or allows me to connect to the beacons.

Does anyone have a solution to this?
I can give more evidence if you need some.

After contacting support, I was told to go to and follow the guides there. Now it’s finally working! (Estimote Location wasn’t enabled on the devices, so using the configuration app turned them on).

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Yup, thanks a ton for reporting this problem, you rock man! I’ve since updated the “map your location: the advanced way” guide to mention the Estimote Location packet and the ConfigurationIndoor app.