Indoor Location - Beacon on Right

It probably doesn’t make any difference but it states in the indoor location setup that you need to place the first beacon on the righthand side of the door. Many doors tend to be to the very right of a wall without any righthand side space. Can it just as easily go on the left hand side or not?

Hi Chris,

no, it just doesn’t matter if it’s left or right; as you can see on the video here: it’s just important to put it next to the entrance because on the floor plan we will mark it as doors.

Be sure to follow the instructions and try again if you see the chicken/turkey :stuck_out_tongue: as an error.

Let us know if that worked and the room shape was correct? We will be able to advise.
Good luck!

You can also read more about Indoor stuff here:

Chrjy, just a side note that you can also create your location manually from code.

This is just our simplification to make setup flow very easy.

Thanks both, that’s useful info. To be honest I only received my second dev kit today so haven’t had the chance to do a deeper dive into the Indoor SDK. I’m looking forward to playing around with it.

Is there a minimum and maximum room size for good results?

I’m presuming with Indoor Location it might be difficult to map something such as the attached image? If you take a look at the blue line (it’s a bit rough I know!) that’s one area I would like to map if possible.

You can add the image directly to the map. Whats going to be important is drawing the images over the specific beacon. So your image of the map will be broken into different pieces to be precisely map it. Try adding an image over the beacon and see what I mean using

[self.locationView drawObject:image withPosition:beacon.position];

where you would use a loop and the mac address of each beacon to give it the position. That’s what I am doing, so there may be other ways as well

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