Indoor location never works for me


I cannot get indoor location to work, have tried multiple times in different rooms, different walking speeds, using special ninja movement techniques, different beacons etc. The app says after 3 fails I will get an email from tech support. That hasn’t happened yet.

I got these beacons just for indoor, and so far have failed to calibrate them.

Also the instructions are unclear about if there needs to be one beacon hand side of door, plus another in centre of wall or not? I have tried with 4 beacons, 6 beacons etc.

Whats up with that??

Hey Bruno, sorry to hear about that :disappointed:, let’s see if we can help!

Can you let us know which iDevice you’re using? Are you on the latest version of the Indoor Location app? Can you try launching the native Compass app and check if it needs calibration?

Finally, you can always hand-craft your location manually, using our SDK: — if something’s unclear or you could use a hand with getting this to work, I’ll be happy to walk you through, let me know.

Thanks for getting back to me,

Compass is calibrated
device is iphone 4s
beacons are firmware A3.0.1
latest version of app

Still not clear about the instructions- do i need to have a beacon by the door and also in the middle of the room,?

Just one beacon by the door is fine.

Can you double-check if your beacons are set to maximum broadcasting power (4 dBm), advertising interval 200 ms or less, and have the basic power saving mode disabled? You can use the Estimote app to do that. (The power mode settings are under the “remaining battery life” on the beacon details screen.)

Ok, I calibrated the compass immediately before calibrating, set the power settings to max and the interval to 100ms and then calibrated the beacons, this time I walked faster and was more careless turning corners and it started to work!
2 questions

  1. in the indoor location app location preview, how fast is it updating the position?
  2. Would I be able to add a ceiling beacon? if so how?

Glad to hear that! :relaxed:

The position is updated about 5 times a second. At this moment, we don’t support ceiling beacons. There’s a bunch of challenges with such placement and we’re still looking into the effectiveness of such beacon positioning.

ok when I change position, I see the little dude, he doesn’t move for a second or 2, then when Imove, whoosh he zooms over to the position. Is that because the phone is being slow to update?