Custom maps for Indoor Location for Big Places

Hi everybody,
Let’s say I have a big place that I need to map using Indoor Location, is it possible to create a custom map that allows me to place also some Estimote beacons in the middle of the room (rather than only on the perimeter walls) and use that configuration with the Indoor SDK?

For the sake of clarity I’m uploading this image:

What I need to do is to place those light-blue beacons to cover that wide area to have the same feedback of your amazing Indoor Location system as if I was in a small room.
Is it anyway possible to do so?

Sorry if this question has already been asked, but surfing the net I couldn’t find it.

Hey, hello, welcome (:

A great question! Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible to place beacons inside the location, and not on its perimeter. We’ll be adding this in the future, as we work to scale Indoor Location to larger spaces.

What app are you building? If you have any more feedback or requests, let us know (:

Cool, hope it’ll be available soon because it can turn out to be very interesting for many implementations.

Still no app yet, just brainstorming on all the possibilities this technology can offer :slight_smile:

Thanks for your super-fast answer (:

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Is it possible now?
If no, then how to create an indoor navigation system with beacons for big areas? Do you have another service except indoor location sdk to do that?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes it is! :slight_smile: