Indoor light beacon not detected

So, I had an indoor location setup, working well, but I wanted to improve the accuracy a little by switching the location to indoor lite mode, and placed a beacon not on a wall, but in the “middle” of the room (not the exact middle, but between 2 parallel wall segments). When I use either my app, or the indoor location app, and I’m standing right next to the beacon placed in the middle of the room, the app tells me I am standing closer to one of the beacons on the wall. It’s almost like the beacon that is in the middle of the room is not detected. Any thoughts?

Indoor Location app doesn’t yet support placing beacons in the middle of the room. To do that, you’ll need to use the Location Builder, i.e., map the location programmatically with the Indoor SDK:

During the “Place the beacons” step of the above-mentioned tutorial, you just need to use the addBeaconIdentifiedByMac:withPosition: method, which allows you to position the beacon in an arbitrary point; instead of the addBeaconWithIdentifier:atBoundarySegmentIndex:inDistance:fromSide: method, which positions the beacon on the wall (in the Location Builder’s terminology dubbed a “boundary segment”).

Sorry, that was my bad.

I AM constructing the room by hand (using the “withPosition” API). When I was referring to using the app, I meant pulling up the location to see where I was in the room (so I guess the question is that even possible? You can select the location to be lite in the app, so I assumed so).

Ah, got it! That’s weird, in the Light mode, it should correctly position you closer to the middle beacon, if that’s where you’re standing. Can you private-message me the location’s identifier, I’ll take a look.

EDIT: Oh, one idea. Make sure that all the beacons, including the central beacon, are set to +4 dBm, Basic Power Mode disabled, advertising interval 200 ms or less.

The location is currently private - do I need to make it public for you to see it?

And the beacon settings were as specified.

Any update on this? I did send you a PM.