Indoor Positioning in big places

The Indoor Location document only guides how to place the beacons in a space like a room with walls. How to setup the beacons in a big place without walls like a shopping center with corridors, shops, etc.

That’s a great point. So far, we’ve been focusing our development efforts on getting Indoor Location easy to use and provide accurate readings in small-to-medium sized spaces, with beacons placed around the perimeter of the space.

Long-term goal is to add support for larger spaces too, being able to place beacons not just around the perimeter, but in any arbitrary point in the space. We’re also working on support for joining multiple spaces together, with seamless transitions from one location to another; and multi-floor spaces. These are a bit more challenging, but we’ll get there. I encourage you to follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter, blog, or Indoor SDK repo on GitHub, to stay on top of the latest additions.