Indoor configuration wizard stuck at "looking for beacons"


Hi @heypiotr, I have proximity beacon with firmware version 4.14.4 and hardware version j1.6 and the 4 beacons are accessible from the configuration section in the estimote app. Still the indoor app is stuck in the “looking for beacons” and “My beacons are right here” part.
Here is a video showing what is happening
Please help, How can I fix this?

Can not complete beacon configration process using iOS-Indoor-SDK

The Indoor Location app/wizard isn’t compatible with Proximity Beacons. The “error” screen should actually say that it detected Proximity Beacons and these are not compatible, but I believe there’s a bug where it doesn’t do that for the newest J1.6 Proximity Beacons. (I can’t see the video, no access, but I believe it’s giving you a generic “no beacons found” message instead?)

There’s no option to order an Indoor Location dev kit directly from our website these days, but if you want to set up an Indoor Location demo, you can email our team at They’ll talk to you about your project, and recommend how to move forward.


Thanks for the reply. I have another question. Can I use the SDK to use my proximity beacons for indoor solution? or It is a hardware issue and I have to buy Location Beacons?


We only officially support Location Beacons for Indoor Location, e.g., we don’t test/tune the positioning algorithms against Proximity Beacons.