How to map this location using location builder?

Using EILLocationBuilder how can I map this indoor space?

It can be a retail store with aisles and one or more beacons placed in each aisles

Simple way: only map the perimeter, and use the addBeaconIdentifiedByMac:withPosition: to position the beacons inside the space, where the aisles are. You’ll have to use the “Light” mode for the actual positioning though. UPDATE: my bad, the “Normal” mode will work with this option just fine.

A little more complex way: draw a shape like this: (red dots are boundary points)


Then you can put the beacons on the “walls” (even if it’s just a “virtual” wall formed by the aisles), and the “Normal” mode might work as well.

Great! Thanks for the help Piotr!