How to Spatially Map a Department Store with Aisles


I am a complete newbie(My Estimotes are in the mail!). How does one go about creating a spatial map of a department store with Aisles. I would like to be able to detect which Aisle the customer as well as the sector within the aisle(beginning, middle,end).

Has anyone does this before? Can this be done with the estimote indoor SDK even though it says that it works best for rectangular, regularly shaped rooms?


Hi Murtaza,

It really depends on what exactly do you want to achieve with your solution. You can for example define each aisle as a specific beacon region, and fire noticiations in your app customized for any given region. I'd suggest reading this article to get a batter grasp of this:

Of course using the Indoor Location SDK is a good alternative, as it allows you to automatically map a space. Keep in mind though that it's still in fairly early stage of development, so tailoring it for the exact needs of a large venue with a number of aisles will require some additional, custom work on your side. Currently Indoor Location allows you to create a map of almost any location, but does not come bundled with ready solutions to combine locations or map obstacles inside the room.