How to enable login to Estimote Cloud?

I would like to allow my users to purchase their own beacons, log into their account from my app, and get a list of their beacons. Are there any tutorials or examples to get me started. I am a new and programing in swift. Is this a case for OAuth?

Yup, that’d be OAuth (:

Here’s our guide:

If you want to try it out, ping me via a private message with the following info:

  • name of your app/platform, as will be shown to users when asking if they want to grant your app access
  • domain name and port (if using a non-stanard one, i.e., 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS) authorized to receive callbacks (e.g., if you want the callback received at “”, that’ll be “”)

If you need some more info about how OAuth works, there’s a ton of well-written and approachable tutorials and descriptions on the Internet already, so I’ll defer to these.