Routing all connections to Estimotes to Estimote Cloud

I just noticed from the recent changelog from the newest Estimote SDK version ( that BeaconConnection.authenticate() now requires Authentication with Estimote Cloud. While I can appreciate the value with having an easy online platform where one can manage their Beacons, it now means that without an internet connection, one cannot connect to their beacons. While Internet access may be ubiquitous in many parts of the world, we are deploying these beacons in places without internet access. Could you provide an SDK version that does not require this.

PS: I am told that even with Internet access, the android SDK is still unable to connect to the Estimote Cloudā€¦

You only need to connect to beacons if you want to change their settingsā€”something which youā€™ll probably do once, when deploying. Then, your app can discover beacons just fine even when offline.

We do the online authentication to confirm that youā€™re the owner of the beacons before youā€™re allowed to change their settings. When you deploy, you probably donā€™t want every kid on the block to be able to mess with your beaconsā€™ settings, do you? (:

What error do you get? Have you initialized your App ID and App Token? Hereā€™s an example:

Thank you for the responseā€¦and the clarification that internet access is only required when modifying the beaconsā€™ settings. However, kindly consider allowing the modification of the beaconsā€™ settings without connecting to the cloud. There may be instances where this is the only option available.

Here is the procedure I used to try and modify my Estimote beacons:

  • I updated my Estimote app on My Android (5.1 Lollipop) to the newest version on the play store
  • The app prompted me for credentials. I logged on to estimote cloud on my PC browser and created a set of credentials that I then used to log in to the estimote android app
  • I was able to log on to the Estimote android app but after selecting the ā€˜Beaconsā€™ option and tapping on one of the beacons displayed on the scanner, various options in the ā€˜Beacons Detailsā€™ Activity were not displayed. Instead a Toast message ā€˜There was a problem with Estimote Cloudā€™ was displayed.
    The only beacons options displayed are the UUID, Major, Minor and Mac Address. Color, Location name, Tx Power, Advertising interval, battery level are not displayed :frowning:

Iā€™ve got the exact same problem. I can login with the iOS official app just fine.


However, kindly consider allowing the modification of the beaconsā€™ settings without connecting to the Cloud. There may be instances where this is the only option available.

From now on, it will not be possible to modify the beaconsā€™ settings without logging in to the Cloud. This is security feature preventing other people from changing the settings of your beacons.

Regarding your problems with Estimote Cloud, beacons are automatically registered there during the manufacturing process and assigned to the email address used when the order was placed. Could you please make sure you are using the same email address you used when purchasing the beacons? If not, it will be necessary to transfer the beacons to your current account. Just drop us a message contact[at]

@Rui_Couto @reayn3
Can you enable logging in SDK by EstimoteSDK.enableDebugLogging(true); and send logs from device?

Hi Wiktor,
Sorry for only answering now. This issue has been resolved with the latest version of the official application.


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