For Android Estimote App no need to login Estimote Cloud account

Hello Team,

Why Android Estimote App does not required Login authentication?. One challenge in building app without login is how to balance security and usability. Similar features on other apps can access. i.e if i have changed broadcasting power of any beacon to 4 dbM (strong) from my iphone using Estimote app some other user from android can change that. That does not serve purpose of security.


Hi Meena,

We’re aware of this security hole and we’re repairing it as we speak. If you want to block Android devices from changing your settings, please update beacons with our iOS app or with iOS SDK to the newest firmware (3.0.1). Keep in mind that after the update, you won’t be able to connect with beacons with Android devices. Soon we will publish new Android app and SDK. Stay tuned! :smile:

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