How to dynamically change Beacon's URL

Hey, I’ve got a question regarding Beacon broadcasting URL address.
Is there a way to dynamically change URL-address that’s being broadcasted by beacon from within an app that is running on my computer ? Let’s say i would write a script that would change URL-address broadcasted by beacon in given intervals automatically.

Hi Patol,

in my opinion, you have to be close to your beacon with a Bluetooth Low Energy device in order to update the URL inside. You can do that with your own app’ on a computer, but you need to be close enough.

Hi Ximun,
Thanks for your answer, so how can i access beacon settings from within an app on my computer ?

I don’t exactly know how to configure the computer’s Bluetooth (you need Bluetooth 4.0 in the machine), but maybe with an Android emulator you will be able to work with the Estimote SDK and connect to the beacon…