Controlling Estimote beacons via Bluetooth dongle and laptop

Hey everyone,
I’m working on a project that will require changing the settings of a good number of beacons frequently. Thus, I’m trying to find a way to control my Estimote beacons through a script on my laptop (Macbook) and a bluetooth dongle.

Is this even possible without using the utility parts of the SDKs?

Thanks in advance for your help!


You need the Estimote SDK to be able to change beacon’s settings, and I’m afraid we only have iOS and Android ones at this time. Also, keep in mind that connecting to a beacon to change settings takes much more power than regular broadcasting, so if you want to do it very frequently and on a regular basis, it’ll decrease the battery life considerably.

Hello, can you advise if there is a SDK now that works from a laptop with bluetooth dongle as Clemens suggested?