Question about modifying minor values


I am new to Estimote beacons, and I want to ues this cool technology to create an app.

But I have a question now. I want to know if I can create an app which can change the major or minor value on the fly or not? Let’s say once the app/mobile phone enters the region of an Estimote region, and the app need to update the major/minor value of that particular beacon. Is it this possible?

I did some research, but I can’t find answers which can satisfy my need.

I know there are 3 ways to do similar thing I want to accomplish: Estimote iOS app, Estimote Cloud and Estimote SDK. ( )

But they are not exact. I want to finish this job in our own app.

Please help. I appreciate for any ideas.

Thanks in advance,

Mind sharing why you want to modify the major/minor values every time somebody enters the range of a beacon?

While technically possible (our SDK provides methods to programmatically reconfigure beacons), there are a few challenges:

  • You need to connect to a beacon to change its settings, and this usually takes time—Bluetooth Low Energy isn’t optimized around connection times.
  • Connecting to a beacon and changing its settings is significantly more energy-consuming than regular broadcasting. This usually isn’t a problem, since configuring beacons is something you do rarely, but in your case, if it happens very often, it’ll decrease the beacon’s battery life.