Dynamic Data Fetching

Is there is any way to deliver dynamic data offline to user where internet connection is absent. User is only connected with beacon via Bluetooth.

A few ideas:

  1. Most Estimote Beacons can be configured to broadcast your own Bluetooth data, we call this feature “Generic Advertising”.
  2. Location Beacons have additional EEPROM memory that you can write to via Bluetooth, and then read from via Bluetooth.
  3. LTE Beacons can be programmed in JavaScript to broadcast your own Bluetooth data.

Now, the catch is: you mentioned “dynamic data”, so I assume you want ability to periodically change it. (1) and (2) will require somebody to be in Bluetooth range to the beacon in order to reconfigure it or write new data. Additionally, configuring and writing data to beacons requires connection to Estimote Cloud, since Estimote Beacons require an online authorization procedure before you can configure them or write data to them.

With (3), you can re-program the beacon and push the new code to it via LTE (the low-power Cat M1 variant) … but that by extension requires cellular connection wherever the beacon is deployed.