Updating beacon settings from my Android app

Hey all,

I’m working on creating a Mobile app that should be able to update the iBeacon settings of a beacon (like broadcasting power, etc.) after connecting to it. Just like it is in the Estimote’s Android app.

Which method from the Estimote Android SDK would be most optimal to achieve this?

Any help is hugely appreciated! :smile:

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Hi @Agradeep_Khanra_Argo,

maybe this will help you, using:
myDeviceConnection.settings.beacon.[search here your settings]
You can see more settings:
myDeviceConnection.settings.[search here too]

Hope it helps

Hey @Ximun

Thanks for your reply. This looks great! I wasn’t aware that the “connection” object had the settings.beacon.transmitPower().set() method on it. I will test this out! Hopefully it works. Thanks again for your help! :smiley:

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Hey @Ximun,

It worked like a charm! Thank you sooo much for your help! Really owe you one! :blush:


No problem, happy to help!