How to create app with iOS-Proximity-SDK, test with Virtual beacon

I want to create an iOS application with using Estimote/iOS-Proximity-SDK.
I don’t have Estimate beacon.
I tried to use the Estimate App to create my iPhone and android.
Even I create the my one iPhone to virtual beacons and find that virtual beacon on Estimate App to create my iPhone and android, but these Estimote app cound not able to find in radar.Bluetooth is ON on all three devices.
How can I test my iOS app with virtual beacons.

Please refer this attached image :2018-05-18

The old virtual beacon doesn’t work with the new Proximity SDK, since it’s broadcasting iBeacon packets, and Proximity SDK operates on the Estimote Monitoring packets. That’s why we removed the virtual beacon from the apps.

You’ll need physical Estimote Beacons to try our Proximity SDK.