Sample App does not detect an iPhone used as a beacon

I downloaded the file from Github and launched the EstimoteSDK.xcworkspace file.

The file Builds and Runs fine to my iPhone, but the sample app does not detect a separate iPhone which is set up to broadcast as a beacon. Note: The separate iPhone is successfully broadcasting, as it can be detected by the official Estimote app.

Hi, Sorry for the late answer. The reason why your app does not detect the virtual beacon is probably beacuse it has different UUID.


Virtual beacon:

Let me know if it helps.

Same problem here.


like this :

ESTBeaconRegion* region = [[ESTBeaconRegion alloc] initWithProximityUUID:ESTIMOTEIOSBEACONPROXIMITY_UUID

But that dont work.

Should i do something else .?
Please help.
Thx you.

Hi Maximilien

I believe I answered your question in the support ticket you sent us.

This was the last answer I had when you confirmed that you were executing the code from the simulator within Xcode.

The code is ok but the issue stems to a limitation in the simulator. The simulator can not use the Mac's Bluetooth Smart hardware in place of the iPhone's actual hardware. You'll have to compile the app on your actual iPhone device to test that bit of the code.

Can you provide a code snippet that shows how to recognise an iPhone as a beacon.

Throw , you have to download the app "Estimote inc" from app Store.
When u launch the application , you have the possibility to emule a beacon.
I hope that will help you.

Thank you so much Maximilien for your answer!

I just want to confirm, that it's possible to turn your device into a beacon with our demo app.
Choose Beacons section and at the bottom of the page you will see this option.

You can download our Virtual Beacon App from here:

I have a simple question is the LibEstimoteSDK.a similar to LibEstimoteSDK7.a? I am looking to the SDK7.a but can't find on the GitHub website.

Those are the same. LibEstimoteSDK.a is the up-to-date one.