Simple demo proximity events iOS app not working (Estimote beacons)

Hi I build a simple App in Swift following the documentation but when running does not detect a beacon

download your example and detect the beacons without problems, copy and paste each configuration, and part of the code and still does not detect anything,

Any step that is jumping or configuration that prevents me from detecting beacons?


MyAppID was changed for the post :smiley:

    import UIKit
    import EstimoteProximitySDK

    class LugarActualViewController: UIViewController {

    var proximityObserver: EPXProximityObserver!

    override func viewDidLoad() {

       let cloudCredentials = EPXCloudCredentials(appID: "My AppID",appToken: 

self.proximityObserver = EPXProximityObserver(
    credentials: cloudCredentials,
    errorBlock: { error in
        print("proximity observer error: \(error)")

let blueberryZone = EPXProximityZone(range: EPXProximityRange.custom(desiredMeanTriggerDistance: 0.5)!,
                                     attachmentKey: "floor",
                                     attachmentValue: "1st")
blueberryZone.onEnterAction = { attachment in
    print("Enter blueberry (close range)")

blueberryZone.onExitAction = { attachment in
    print("Exit blueberry (close range)")


// Do any additional setup after loading the view.

override func didReceiveMemoryWarning() {
// Dispose of any resources that can be recreated.

the info.plis is OK
and the Background modes is ON

OH sorry I had location services OFF :joy::sweat_smile: