How to handle floor plans for my app?

Hi there,

I'm a Colombian iOS / Android developer. Just the last December I bought the "2 Dev Kits with 3 Beacons each " and I'm waiting for it in Bogota. Meanwhile I've been reading and watching videos about the Estimote Indoor Position System, and this only works for One room ( at least four beacos ), but , I was wondering, do you have some API to handle an entire floor plans (like google maps, or something like this) ? , if not, what do you suggest to handle this app requirement ?

I really appriciate your responses , because the deadline for this requirement is comming.

Hi Fabián,

For now you can't map multiple floor plans with the Indoor SDK. In the coming weeks we’re planning to add a combining two or more locations feature. We strongly believe in making things work, then making them better so stay tuned!