Help in develop android app

Current I had purchased estimote beacons. But am failing where to start develop an android app that can detect my beacons (:

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:
I had gone through the documents. Its about setting up in Android Studio and i am using android plugin in Eclipse. Due to some issues am not able to configure Android Studio.

Could you please let me know the jars to be included?

I am having estimote beacons. How about this ibeacon and eddystone? i can see both the labels in the pack.

The sample projects seems much confusing.
Can you please help me with a sample program(in android) which can detect the beacons?

Will i be able to store data in ibeacons or is it only possible to detect an ibeacon and broadcast the data from cloud.
Can you please help me with its working?? i tried many ways on this, still i am stucked.

Android Studio is the official IDE for Android development, officially developed & maintained by Google, I strongly recommend it over Eclipse.

Beacons themselves don’t store any data, they just serve as a “guide” for your app (e.g., “you’re near beacon 123”), so that your app can trigger appropriate actions based on proximity to certain beacons.

Can you please provide me with a sample source code which will let me identify a beacon?

Try our example apps (: