Eddystone App Development

Hey ,
I am developing a android app for Eddystone. I ahve downloaded two apps from github, one is Demo app of estimote and other one is EstimoteIndoorAndroid Master app.I have three qs pls kindly reply
1)Do I really need to use Google API for developing the app and if yes then which as there are many?
2) In both the previous mentioned app the sdk used are different so which one is correct.
3) Can i use the demo app directly on the estimote beacons or I need to make change.
I hope you will reply!!!
Thanks in advance and Good Going flocks :wink: :slight_smile:

Hi @mittalharsh54,
1/ EstimoteIndoorAndroid is not Estimote’s app, it showcases solution based on our beacons.
2/ What do you mean by Google APIs? If Android SDK, than yes.

You can safely start with Demos project from SDK and start hacking from there.

thanks @wiktor for the reply!
Ok so if I use estimote sdk then which API i have to use for developing the proximity eddystone app and where i have to call APIs in the demo app project i.e. in which class!!
Also do the demo app functions as the eddystone proximity app or i need to code it. Sorry I am new to this so have little confusions!

Please refer to Eddystone quick start: https://github.com/Estimote/Android-SDK#quick-start-for-eddystone

Thank you sir @wiktor I have read it but I want to know that where i should call the api in the demo app ?