Demo app not woking

Hi guys,

i am trying to implement a very simple scenario under Android where an image is updated depending on the distance of a beacon. i.e. if the device is close to beaconA -> imageA is displayed, if close to beaconB -> imageB is displayed. Unfortunately the sample code that i downloaded is not working. It only works on monitor start, then nothing is triggered. Even if i take out the battery onExitedRegion is never triggered.

Can anyone send me a simple, working demo for eclipse ?

Thank you very much.


Try our “Proximity Content” template, it’s exactly what you’re trying to implement (:

You can download a pre-made Android Studio project from Estimote Cloud:

Or from our GitHub:

We don’t support Eclipse I’m afraid. Android Studio is the only official IDE for Android development.

Thank you for replying. Much appreciated.

I will try that with Android Studio

Dear heypiotr,

i’ve downloaded android studio and imported the project that runs on my device. My issue is with class EstimoteCloudBeaconDetails. First of all i am having issues finding the class in docs estimote-sdk-javadoc. In any case as far as i can tell it requests data from the cloud. The result is :

com.estimote.proximitycontent E/BeaconDetailsFactory: Couldn’t fetch data from Estimote Cloud for beacon b9407f30-f5f8-466e-aff9-25556b57fe6d:42933:32153, will use default values instead. Double-check if the app ID and app token provided in the MyApplication are correct, and if the beacon with such ID is assigned to your Estimote Account. The error was: com.estimote.sdk.exception.EstimoteServerException: 403 Forbidden

I just wish to get the the major and minor of the beacon that is detected. The devices are borrowed to play around.

Object content in public void onContentChanged(Object content) {

is [beaconName: beacon, beaconColor: Unknown] therefore i can not distinguish between the 2 beacons that i have.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Thank you very much


The ProximityContent demo needs to download color and name of the beacon from Estimote Cloud, and it can only do so if you’re the owner of the beacon. Maybe your colleague could temporarily transfer the beacons to you, and when you’re done you can transfer them back to him? Let me know!

[Alternatively, you could modify the demo not to use Estimote Cloud, but instead some static, hard-coded data, or your own backend?]

Hi ,i am unable to range my estimote using proximity template though estimote is detected in some ble scanner app.What should i do ?