Can Android Estimote app detect Estimote IBeacon?

I am trying to configure an estimote iBeacon from Estimote Android app, but I am not able to detect the beacon?
Is it possible to detect ibeacon from android app?

Hi @sanjeet.kumar,

you want to configure an Estimote beacon to emit iBeacon frames? What did you do exaclty?

  • open the Estimote app’,
  • look for the devices in proximity,
  • select and conenct to the requested beacon,
  • configure the sent packet to iBeacon (Estimote default packet type),
  • disconnect from the beacon,
  • look for the devices.

And when you do that, the beacon is not shown in the list?

Hi Ximun,
Thanks for the quick reply,
I tried as you suggested but I am not able see the beacon in the app, When I go in to the ’ devices’ option
in the app, app keeps scanning and is not able to show the beacon which I have placed just behind the phone.
I am trying since last 4 hrs. I thought might be android app is not supposed to detect the iBeacon.
Any help will be highly appropriated! Thanks

Maybe you should try with another phone. Or move the beacon because maybe the motion only feature was activated…

Tried with another phone and with another app called -‘nRF Connect for Mobile’ . Its not detecting .
Tried even moving the beacon too.

Can you download the Beacon Simulator app’? It’s a very coll app’ to recover BLE signals. Do you see a signal that can be your beacon?

Tried with the app you mentioned- its still not showing any signal that can be a beacon. I am able to see only one signal which from the Microsoft device coming from somewhere around.

  • if the Estimote app’ is not showing your beacon, it’s because the beacon is not emitting connectivity packet,
  • if the Beacon Simulator app’ is not showing your beacon, it’s because the beacon is not emitting iBeacon/Eddystone packet.

So it seems to me that your beacon is not emitting at all :frowning:

:frowning: Is there anyway to solve this or I need to buy a new one? I just bought this few days back from the amazon. I am not sure what to do. Should I ask for the replacement or any other option is there.

Need someone from Estimote staff to help you :frowning: