Google Beacon Tools

I’m trying to use a new estimote beacon with Google Beacon Tools. I edit configuration at cloud.estimote and turned on the Eddystone Configuration Services. I syncronized the beacon with Estimote App. Then, I tried to register the beacon in Beacon Tools App. They asked me to insert Unlock Key, a 32 digit identifier. I figured that this number is the Identifier in cloud.estimote dashboard.
But it fails to accept this identifier.

Anyone has this problem too? How can I register in Google Beacon Tools?


I am following the instructions here:
but still no luck after they confirmed they added my info. Google beacon tools app does not connect no matter what I do. :frowning:

Same issue I am getting…

As far as I remember, the default unlock key is all zeroes. You can change it later once you successfully authorize yourself.

Ok thank you. On Sunday I send information with json file how long does it take to update information on your site?